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Everyone Needs Muscle

Quite simply, EMS is the fastest, safest, and most effective way to build muscle, and everyone – at every age — needs muscle.  Retaining and building muscle has been shown to improve health in a number of ways:

  • Increasing strength, balance and flexibility

  • Managing diabetes and arthritis

  • Reducing back and joint pain

  • Boosting metabolic rate to stave off obesity

  • Developing strong bones to reduce the risk of osteoporosis

  • Preventing falls in the elderly

  • Reducing depression

  • Boosting self-confidence and self esteem

From professional athletes to senior citizens, Pulse workouts provide life changing health benefits.
And, with the minimal commitment of only 20 minutes every four to five days, Pulse maximizes your time and produces results – the toned, strong body you’ve always wanted.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Safe and ultra-low impact flexing and stretching movements

  • A 20-minute workout equal to 3 hours in the gym

  • The benefits of personal training at a fraction of the cost

  • Suitable for all fitness levels and physical capabilities

  • Custom, guided workouts and coaching from professional personal trainers

  • Measurable and trackable results

  • FDA-cleared electrical muscle stimulation technology


Most of our clients see an increase in:

  • Muscle Mass and Strength

  • Flexibility and Balance

  • Joint Stability which Reduces Injury

  • Performance

  • Metabolism



Weight Management
The amount of calories your body requires on a daily basis is largely determined by your metabolism and sport activities.  In general, if you have a caloric surplus, i.e. eat more than your body needs, you will gain weight.  A caloric deficit on the other hand leads to weight loss.  With age, the metabolic rate slows down which means fat is gained more easily.  Our cardio workout can increase your metabolism by 300-500 kcal, i.e. your body burns an additional 300-500 kcal every day!

Muscle Growth & Body Toning
Our strengthening workout can both increase muscle mass and decrease body fat at the same time.  Depending on your goal, you can either gain muscle size to appear stronger or reduce your overall size to achieve a more toned look.  Weights and TRX can be added to the workout to increase the intensity.

Total Body Workout
During the workout, the entire body is stimulated simultaneously.  Inside the EMS suit, there are pairs of electrodes located by each major muscle group.  The impulses occur virtually at the same time within each muscle group.

Depending on the body part the intensity could be separately adjusted, while the original pulse intensity is maintained in the other areas of the body.  This is one of the keys to the effectiveness of this technology, as even when we focus on training the arm our thighs are also being engaged and developed.

Compared with conventional strength training the EMS technology is significantly more effective.  About 40 micro contractions are created per second, which is equal to 36,000 contractions during the 20-minute workout session. This corresponds to about 15 series of workouts per muscle group, which is hardly feasible in the gym.

Cellulite Treatment
EMS contractions stimulate collagen production and encourages blood flow to the skin.  Cellulite is developed by the weakening of the connective tissue; and as fat cells accumulate between the skin and the muscle tissues, visible bulges appear mainly on the thighs, gluteus and abdomen.  These tissues can be stimulated with lower pulse depth, which increases circulation and allows for the escape of waste products from the problematic areas. Due to the involuntarily increased muscle work and metabolism, the energy consumption of cells increases and with proper diet weight loss and body.


Injury Recovery & Rehabilitation
If you are suffering from back, shoulder or knee pain and are unable to do conventional workouts, EMS training can help you gain strength and therefore prevent future injuries while helping with existing problems.  In this case, the workout only contains simple movements and requires no weights to ensure a minimal impact on your joints.  EMS can be done in conjunction with physical therapy but does not replace it.

Easy On The Joints
Many people in the general population have sensitive joints.  A major benefit of EMS training is it is done without using additional weight, as the load is produced by the intensity of the impulses.  Therefore the overload and injury to the joints can be avoided.  In the hands of a qualified Pulse Personal Trainer, workouts are tailored to appropriate levels for sensitive joints, therefore  reducing the risks of strain and injury .

Fat Burning Effect
As in all trainings, the fat burning effect does not happen in a direct way.  Due to the intensity and efficiency of the Wiemspro trainings, fat loss and muscle formation occur quickly upon following a proper diet plan.

While your Pulse Personal Trainer helps you train intensely, you will take in extra oxygen in order to recover.  This extra oxygen will cause your metabolism to rise.  The scientific name for this fat-burning effect is called excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC).

When you're done with your workout and your body begins returning to its normal resting metabolic rate, it burns fat to recover since you've exhausted stored carbs during your workout.  Understand that it takes a lot of energy and a lot of calories for your resting metabolism to return to "normal."

And the best thing about EPOC is that your body will stay in fat-burning mode for up to 48 hours.

Back Pain Relief
One of the most important effects of the electric stimulation is the capability to reach muscles located deeper within the body.  Some of these muscles are the deep back muscles and the muscles located next to the spine. They are responsible for our body posture, but have been weakened by the modern sedentary lifestyle, leading to back complaints.  EMS helps to strengthen these muscles and re-enable them to perform their functions, which is to hold the spine properly.  As a result of the re-instated posture, back pains can be eliminated efficiently.


Adaptable Regardless Of Age & Fitness Level
Depending on the fitness level of the individual, very small loads can be induced.  By slowly increasing the load, very unfit individuals and people of elderly age can develop so called muscle consciousness, which helps to improve muscle condition quickly and efficiently.


Athletic Training & Body Building
There are muscles that are difficult to develop, but by choosing the appropriate training program these muscles can be targeted during the workout.  Asymmetrical muscle development can be caused by the nature of the sport played and the nature of daily work activity.  Even body builders can experience this problem.


With EMS, programs can be designed for muscle gain and for the maintenance of muscle weight without putting too much stress on the joints.  This training is similar to weight training, as it is focusing on the development of muscles.  Throughout the duration of the program, low-frequency muscle tensing and complete body exercises should be performed, focusing on one muscle group at a time with greater intensity and pulse width.  According to the customer’s needs, the length of contractions and the resting period between these contractions can be varied.

It’s Tailored to Your Needs
Each workout session is led by a certified exercise professional who has been specially trained in EMS technology. Trainers lead no more than two clients at a time through a personalized training program.

Your Pulse Personal trainer can take into account any injuries or areas of special concern.  Nine major muscle groups are activated during a Pulse session, and your trainer has the ability to control each muscle group individually, creating a highly personalized, infinitely tailored exercise experience.  Pulse trainers work with everyone from professional athletes to folks in their 90s.  Pulse really is the last fitness program you’ll ever need.

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