What to expect with EVERY workout:

1.  Clean and sanitary environment 

Every EMS suit and all equipment is cleaned and disinfected after EVERY session.  This means you will always workout in a fresh and completely sanitized environment.  Every EMS suit is also disassembled and deep-cleaned once per week.

2.  Dedicated personal trainer 

No more than 2 clients are allowed to workout at one time in the studio, which means that every client receives individualized attention and a tailored workout.  

3.  Quick, efficient, and focused workout

Each personal training session will last only 20 minutes plus time to change and stretch afterwards.  Every session is personalized, focused, efficient, and specifically designed to meet your individual fitness goals.  Most clients are in and out in under 30 minutes.*


* Pulse requires that all clients show up at least 10 minutes prior to their scheduled session. 


Step 1
Health History, Goal Review, Consent Forms

One of our EMS trainers will greet you and review your health history, goals and consent forms with you. 


You will then be asked to change into a provided pair of EMS undergarments (cotton 3/4 sleeve shirt and shorts), which fit under the EMS body suit and are specially designed to conduct electricity. Many of our clients work out barefoot, although you are welcome to wear athletic shoes if you prefer.  

You may also purchase your own Pulse workout shorts and shirt or bring your own. The only stipulation is that the apparel is AT LEAST 90% cotton, the form-fitting shorts go to the knees and shirts have a sleeve covering the biceps and triceps..


Body Scan

Before you workout you will complete a 45-second Fit3D scan. Fit3D is a non-invasive 3D body scanning technology that captures a full avatar of your body, as well as circumference measurements and wellness metrics to compare and track progress over time. 


Suit Up

Your EMS trainer will fit you into the EMS workout suit (looks a bit like a wet suit). In the suit are electrodes that are positioned in the equipment so that they contact your major muscle groups (abs,biceps,glutes, etc). Once your correct size is determined, the electrodes on the EMS muscle stimulator will be wetted down to allow the current to pass through and activate your muscles.


Electrical Pulse Introduction

Your personal trainer will introduce you to the feel of the electrical pulses before proceeding into a workout. The electrical impulse will be weak and hardly noticeable initially. Then machine will generate a mild electrical pulse that will feel like a buzzing in the nine major muscle groups covered by the electrodes, but it is not painful. Working against the pulse should feel hard, like you are moving through molasses or mud.

Step 6


A typical 20-minute strength program consists of two repeating phases, each lasting for four seconds. Within four seconds, the electrical impulse triggers the contraction of the muscles. This is then followed by four seconds of relaxation. The personal trainer will demonstrate the exercises, which will be tailored to your individual training goals, as well as control and correct your movements throughout the training session. A Pulse workout is ultra-low impact; there is no jumping or bouncing and nothing will place strain on joints, tendons or ligaments.


During your workout your trainer will continually assess how hard you are working and ask for feedback to determine if you can take more resistance. Each workout is infinitely customizable to your own personal fitness goals. Each workout you have the choice of Strength, Cardio or a combination and is performed via exercises best suited for your athletic capability.

Step 7

Change and Review

Your trainer will help you get out of the EMS suit. We will then ask if you would like to come back!

The entire first session takes about 45 minutes.


Rest, Recover, Repeat

Following your training, you’ll need to drink plenty of water.  Your muscles will feel sore for a few days, but that’s just your body’s way of telling you that you’re making progress!  Rest and come back later in the week to keep pushing toward your goal.

Subsequent Sessions
For subsequent sessions we ask you to arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled workout time so you can change into the EMS workout gear, run your Fit3D scan (based on your membership – you may not need to scan before every workout) and be ready for the trainer 5 minutes before your scheduled workout time. Most clients are in and out of the studio in 30 minutes for each session.

  • We require all clients to arrive 10 minutes early to get fitted properly. We do not offer a grace period. 

  • You must wait until the session ends to remove the EMS Suit. Make sure to use the bathroom BEFORE being suited up. If you require a bathroom break during your session, you will be disconnected from the system and voluntarily forfeit your session (it is not possible to reconnect you to the system).