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Pulse takes the guesswork out of results by tracking your progress using Fit3D technology.  Fit3D is one of the most sophisticated body composition measurement tools available today.  Very few physician offices and even fewer gyms use this technology.  Pulse wants to provide the worlds’ most proficient and scalable assessment technology to ensure we are not simply just promising but delivering results tailored to each individual client's goals.

What is Fit3D?
Fit3D is a non-invasive 3D body scanning technology that captures a full avatar of your body, as well as circumference measurements and wellness metrics to compare and track progress over time. 


Fit3D captures infrared depth images including circumference measurements and full body surface area and mass of the body and its limbs.  The measurements are correlated to what’s considered the gold standard of body composition testing, DEXA technology, to then estimate the body composition and metabolic readings. It is taking hundreds of measurements and over 1,000 images over the course of that 35-second scan, then utilizing our partnership with DEXA in order to give accurate readings on body composition, measurements, posture, wellness ratings and a number of other things. 

Tracking Your Progress With The Fit3D

Working with your Pulse personal trainer, you can establish goals and then measure success through detailed reports, accessible through the Fit3D app for Andriod or iOS, to track your progress over time.  You can even compare every new scan back to your original baseline scan to see how far you've come! 


Fit3D Scans come FREE with a $35 Trial Session. Schedule your first session today!  You don’t have to sign up for EMS training to take advantage of this technology.

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